Pest Control Tips to Try Before Calling in the Experts

While calling in a professional exterminator is the ultimate solution to persistent pests and insects, all experts believe that the key to keeping pests away and preventing recurring infections lies in your hands. Here are some of the top tips that will help you keep your home free from most of the pests and reduce the rate at which you call in a professional exterminator. Read more great facts on  top extermination company , click here. 

Don't overfeed wildlife
Some people feel that it is their responsibility to feed wildlife. A bird feeder and water fountain in the backyard could attract birds. It isn't a bad idea if it you live in an area with small bird populations. Taking the feeder down occasionally will keep the birds from getting used. They can never starve without your feeder.

Feeding mammals and rodent wildlife is a definite no. Keep your home clean and dispose leftovers into covered bins to avoid unintentionally feeding such wildlife.

Reduce moisture to prevent termite infections
Termites are destructive and they stay active throughout the year. IF your home has too much moisture around the foundation, you stand higher chances of attracting termites. Keep any wood off the ground as much as you can and always ensure that you store any firewood up to 20 ft. away from your house. For more useful reference about termite control and  regarding  local exterminator , have a peek here. 

Reduce pest hiding places
All pests fear human beings. They thrive by hiding and sneaking around the home. The simplest way to getting rid of them is by minimizing the number of places they can hide around you home. Get rid of any extra stuff that you do not need and arrange all the remaining things in your home as neat as possible. Regular all round cleaning is a perfect way to disrupt the pest hiding plans.

Change your bulbs
Research has proof that changing security lighting and exterior bulbs from mercury vapor based bulbs to sodium vapor bulbs reduces the number of insects you attract whenever you flip the switch at night. The lower the number of insects the less predators like spiders and bats will invade your home.

Keeping pests off your home is the first line of defense when it comes to pest control. This will not only save you the extermination bill but also ensure that you handle your pest infections in the most ecofriendly way possible. Moreover, your home will become more efficient and lovable in the process. Combining this with a reliable pest control experts will help you keep your home pest free without hurting the ecological balance. Please view this site for further details.